Rebecca Wudarski


Based out of the small mountain town of Thomas, WV Rebecca is a full-time artist and musician.


Rebecca's current solo music project is a one-woman-band where she simultaneously plays electric guitar, bass drum, hi-hat, and sings. In this fun configuration her sound can be described as Appalachian Indie-Rock, Footslog Bluegrass-Dance, or Jazz-Driven Edgy Folk. With whatever musical project she is contributing to as a guitarist or songwriter, Rebecca cultivates a unique sound produced with a high level of musicianship, energy, creativity and emotion.


Rebecca recently studied painting at Davis and Elkins College under the tutelage of professor Michael Doig from 2012-2014. Studying visual art at a very young age made returning to it as an adult a very natural transition. Her paintings are illustrative, figurative, and impressionistic. Her appreciation of folk music and culture can be seen and felt in her work, as well as her love for visual chaos, color, absurdity, and emotion.

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