Rebecca Wudarski is an American roots artist based out of the small Appalachian town of Thomas, West Virginia. Rebecca hones the craft of songwriting while deftly arranging old folk songs with an incredible amount of creativity. Often praised for her guitar playing abilities, anchored in folk music but resting somewhere between indie-rock and old-time, her various projects include touring with drummer Charles Earl Richard and a band called Gravel Quire fronted with fellow singer songwriter Heather Hannah. 



Rebecca Wudarski is best known for her color-drunk oil and mixed-medium paintings that resonate with the human spirit. Her work searches for an open-ended process, often starting a piece from total visual chaos, and throughout the creation of the piece eventually finding the image within all the drips, splashes, scratches, and marks. Her art also often explores the dynamics of vulnerability, either through subject matter or the process in which she creates. You will always find her exploring new processes, materials, and themes with each new series of works that emerges.