Rebecca Wudarski is a visual artist who started making art from a young age, often skipping enough high-school to become truant so she could stay home to have time and space to work on her art and music. She later studied painting at Davis and Elkins College under the tutelage of Michael Doig for two years and has since taken professional level art classes at several schools including the Art League in Alexandria, VA. She believes that exploration is an important part of the art-making process and for this reason has several series of works that are quite different from one another. Her paintings strive to have an emotional resonance with the viewer, whether through the narrative, figurative work, or bright colors. 

She is also a folk musician currently based part-time out of the small Appalachian town of Thomas, West Virginia. She grew up playing rock n roll as a self taught guitarist and later joined the bluegrass music club at her high-school because she knew that the kids in bluegrass club would often get excused from school for several days to attend gigs. It wasn't until after being involved in this club for a year that she fell in love with the genre, began to appreciate the high level of musicianship, and let folk music become a huge part of her musical identity. Currently, her various projects include playing solo gigs, sometimes playing with drummer Charles Earl Richard, and performing in a band called Gravel Quire fronted with fellow singer songwriter Heather Hannah. All of these projects are a creative take on the folk music process, where they are anchored in old-time and bluegrass, but often stretch to include jazz, pop, indie-rock, and country.